#Azuleando, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

#Azuleando, the new Instagramers Gallery contest


Summer is here and holidays are around the corner! Days to enjoy, to rest, and to make lots of pictures! We just launched a new contest to paint the Instagramers Gallery blue! We are looking for summer images such as sea, swimming pool, clear blue skies….. Holidays! Alone, with friends, family, pictures that reflect those relaxing (or adventurous) holidays that will make summer last when we return to the Gallery in September.

In order to participate, post your picture to Instagram with the hashtag #azuleando (translated to english it would be something like: blue-ing) from July 24th until August 28th. 50 winning pictures will be exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery, Telefónica Foundation, from September 20th on.  One big winner will be chosen, who will have his pictures exhibited along with the international artists.



Picture credit: @lafrikidelaleica 

@dalealboton @franvat @yannickpenalver @fralex80 

@anadigame @albertosierra @rodrigorivaspgcolor @suguis

Header picture credit: @aprendizdeamelie




Finally, and thanks to Picglaze, the authors of the selected photos will be able to pick up their photo in “picbloc” format once the exhibition ends. More info later.





See you at the @igersgallery and happy summer! 


Credit: @xanelachic

Credit: @kpturas

Credit: @kimberleepower

Credit: @philgonzalez


Contest rules:


  1. DEFINITIONS 1. Competition: The purpose of the “#azuleando” competition organised by FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA (details of which are included in section 2 of this document) under the Terms and Conditions described herein. 2. Territorial scope: The territorial scope is international without any restrictions concerning the country of origin of entrants. 3. Winning photographs: All those photographs entered into said competition and selected as winners. 4. Timezone of reference: All times or dates referred to in these terms and conditions will be in relation to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1)
  2. ORGANISER The organisation of said competition falls to FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA, based in Madrid, Gran Vía, nº 28 and with the following tax ID no. G-82086810. FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA is registered with the Special Foundations Register of the Ministry of Education and Culture with the number 359 (hereon in either FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA or the “Organiser”).
3.1. The competition will begin on July 24, 2017 at 00:00 GMT+1 and will end on August 28, 2017 at 00:00 GMT+1. Only those photographs uploaded to Instagram by registered users within the participation deadline will be considered valid entries.
3.2. The Organiser reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and/or take the measures considered necessary and appropriate to resolve any conflicts or difficulties arising from the running of the Competition, insofar as they are justified, do not unduly prejudice the participants and are duly notified.
3.3. In particular, the Organiser reserves the right to prolong or suspend the Competition if considered justified due to possible difficulties that may arise.

 4.1 The purpose of the Competition is for a panel of judges put together for the competition to choose the best photographs from among the entries. The judges’ decisions are final. 4.2 The Competition is aimed at any Instagram user following @EspacioFTef and @picglaze with the only restrictions applicable described herein.
  2. PRIZES The entrant that, according to these Terms and Conditions, is selected as the winner of the Competition, will have the right for their work to be exhibited at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Entrants hereby expressly accept that any subsequent verification of a breach of these Terms and Conditions on their part gives FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA the right to disqualify the winner, with the resulting loss of status as such, and leading to FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA removing their photographs, without implying any right to compensation.

 6.1 Entrants must be registered Instagram users. Furthermore, entrants must be followers of @EspacioFTef and @picglaze on Instagram. 6.2 Entrants who are underage in their respective jurisdiction must provide written permission from parents, guardians or legal representatives in order to participate in the competition – and if selected, accept the prize – addressed to If any conflict arises between the applicable legislation of the country the winner is resident of and these Terms and Conditions, the Organiser will do its utmost to reconcile both sets of regulations with its legal representatives, with the aim of allowing the winner to accept the prize. 6.3. Any persons taking part in the organisation of the Competition, or in the employ of the Organiser, or that of any company acting in collaboration with the Organiser, its subsidiaries, or any of the family, relatives, spouses or common law spouses of said employees are excluded from entering the Competition. 6.4 Entering the Competition is free of charge. 6.5 Any breach of the Competition’s Terms and Conditions on behalf of entrants will automatically render the entry null and void. Likewise, any false statements, grounds to suspect a false identity or address has been provided and/or breach of third party intellectual property rights will lead to immediate disqualification of the entrant, and if necessary, the loss of winning status and removal of the photographs from the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. 6.6 Express acceptance of these terms and conditions is necessary to enter the Competition, and therefore to opt to win the prize. 6.7 The Competition will not accept entries with the following: Photographs in breach of third party industrial or intellectual property rights. Photographs which copy a image recognisably pertaining to third parties without their consent. Blurred and/or unfocused images or with any other defects. Photographs deemed by the Organiser to be in bad taste or offensive. Photographs in breach of current legislation. Photographs including sexual content, nudity, political or religious appeals or which are considered racist, discriminatory or which may cause offense to individuals or groups. Photographs that impinge upon child or youth protection laws or individuals’ rights to dignity and honor. Photographs invading the privacy of third parties. Photographs which depict, induce, encourage or incite criminal, violent or degrading behavior of any kind. Photographs whose files contain computer viruses or any other type of computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy, restrict or in any way effect the functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment.
The Organiser reserves the right to apply said restrictions at its own discretion and exclude any photograph from the Competition that it considers to be in violation.
  1. HOW TO PARTICIPATE 7.1. Any entry that does not comply with the system set forth for participation or with these Terms and Conditions will not be accepted. 7.2 Each registered user will be able to enter as many photographers as they wish on Instagram and tag them “#azuleando”: The photographs should comply with the required format and technical characteristics in order for them to be exhibited at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Said characteristics are as follows:
  2. SELECTING THE WINNERS 8.1 Winning entries will be selected from all the photographs uploaded on Instagram and tagged within the established deadline. On conclusion of the Competition a panel of expert judges will select the 50 best photographs to be exhibited along with the photographer’s name.
8.2 Furthermore, one single winner among the 50 finalists will be chosen. The winner’s photographs will be displayed in Espacio Fundación Telefónica gallery at the cafeteria along with the rest of photographs by international artists that belong to this exhibition.
8.3 The panel of judges charged with selecting the winning entries will be appointed by the Organiser, aiming to include persons with a significant contribution to the arts, communication and new technologies.
8.4 The Judges will select, from all the entries, those photographs that best meet the Competition’s criteria, bearing in mind quality, creativity and originality of the entered works.
8.5 The Judges’ decision will be made on the week of the September 04, 2017, and from the moment of its announcement will be final.
8.6 The Organiser is authorised to resolve at its absolute discretion any circumstances not covered by these Terms and Conditions regarding the system for choosing the winning entries.
8.7 The Judges’ decision announcing the winners will be published on the Espacio Fundación Telefónica website as well as on social media within 48 hours of the Judges’ decision.
  1. PRESENTATION OF PRIZES 9.1 The Organiser shall contact the winners within a period of 48 hours following the announcement of the Judges’ decision. 9.2 The winners must confirm their acceptance of the prize (the right to have their work exhibited at the Fundación Telefónica) within a period of 24 hours. 9.3 Entrants’ identity may be checked, if necessary, by providing official identity documents of their corresponding countries. 9.4 If the winning entrant does not accept the prize within the stated deadline, acceptance is not provided for reasons beyond the control of the Organiser, the entrant is found in breach of the Terms and Conditions or the entrant refuses the prize, the Organiser reserves the right to declare the prize void or to select another entry as winner. 9.6 The prize is subject to these Terms and Conditions and cannot be substituted. If the winning entrant does not wish for their work to be exhibited at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, no alternative prize will be offered. The prize is personal and non-transferable and only the entrant’s name will appear.
  2. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND IMAGE RIGHTS 10.1. Each entrant in the Competition guarantees that he/she is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the work submitted to the Competition. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any breach of regulations or third party rights committed by entrants in the course of the Competition, and entrants assume their obligation to hold the Organiser, its subsidiaries, employees or any other legal entities or individuals involved in the Competition harmless of any liability. 10.2. If photographs display a recognisable likeness of persons, the Organiser reserves the right to request, and therefore the entrant provide, a letter signed by said persons authorising their likeness to be used, and proving their identity. 10.3. Entrants agree to assign rights of any work entered in the Competition to the Organiser, including rights to use, disseminate, exhibit, publicly broadcast, divulge or reproduce, including the right to transform to any media necessary for the publicity or promotional needs of the Organiser (always for non-profit making purposes). Said assignment is granted, non-exclusively, with no territorial restrictions and for an indefinite period of time as of the uploading of the photograph with the hashtags mentioned above, as the entrant is considered to be competing with this publication. 11.4. On acceptance of the prise, entrants automatically give their consent for the use of their image and name by the Organiser in publicity or promotion of FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA’s activities in any media, specifically in printed media, radio, television, mobile devices or the on Internet, always for non-profit making purposes as stated in the previous point.
  3. EXCLUSION AND RESTRICTION OF LIABILITY 12.1 The Organiser reserves the right to remove any entrants from the Competition who: – do not comply with the conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions – in accordance with applicable legislation, are in breach of third party rights or any other civil, criminal or administrative legislation or of any other kind. – have provided false, inexact, incomplete or obsolete information. 12.2 The Organiser declines any responsibility for the loss or delay in the reception of entries; for any interruption; temporary unavailability or downtime; transmission error; loss of information; fraud; network failure; software malfunction or access, communication or response error which may affect the Competition due to technical problems, or of any other nature, beyond its control or that are the responsibility of network operators or third party or intermediary service providers.
For the resolution of any controversy, dispute or disagreement that may arise in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, both FUNDACIÓN TELEFÓNICA and Competition entrants expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Madrid, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them. Submitting an entry to this Competition implies total and full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Spanish law shall apply to this Competition.



Instagramers Gallery Artists 2017 – and other news

Instagramers Gallery Artists 2017 – and other news


Hi all, 


here’s a big hello from the Instagramers Gallery in Madrid, located at the Telefónica Foundation, Fuencarral 3, Madrid, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to this year’s Instagramers Gallery’s artists. We managed to mix all kind of different styles from 23 talented and international artists from all over the world. Among them famous chef Alberto Chicote and 10x kite-surf world champion Gisela Pulido!


The Instagramers Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm.

We invite you to come and visit the expo, or just have a coffee and relax!



But first… some other news:


Apart from the permanent (every year changing) international artist exhibition, we also organize bi-monthly photo-contests. Please follow us on Instagram, to not miss out on any of them. Your photo can be exhibited too! At the moment you can visit the #LeicaContest exhibition and before that we had the #PrimaveraPicglaze and the #HoudiniContest exhibition. (A small reminder to all #PrimaveraPicglaze contest winners, you can pick up your picture until July 14th.)


Not to miss our workshops….. We had the honor to listen and learn from Rodrigo Rivas (mobile photography), Alberto Ochoa (double exposure) Esmeralda Martín (fashion photography) and you can still sign up for our upcoming workshop Instagram Stories with Koi Samsa!


And in case you missed our last Instagram Party, have a look here!



“Bienvenido a la Instagramers Gallery”



All pictures are made by our favorite insta- and street-photographer Rodrigo Rivas, who had his work exhibited last year at the Gallery. And a big thank you to our printing partner Picglaze. For all instagram lovers, with the code #INSTAGRAMERSGALLERY you’ll have a 20% off on all your purchases.


. . Instagramers Gallery Artists 2017


Click to view slideshow.


Meet the artists


Adriana Montaldo Vera


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Studied photography at the Creative Photography School Andy Goldstein, took courses in lighting with different professionals at the Argentinean Film Industry Academy. She dedicates herself to photography since 2007, currently exclusively to photography for Social Networks. She is also co-manager of Instagramers Buenos Aires community, Argentina; @igersbsas.

Alberto Ochoa Lence


Madrid, Spain

“When I was little I loved to see illustrations, photographs or any kind of images in books, I also liked to look at movie posters and CD covers. I noticed that a lot of those images were made of more than one photograph, but one within another. One often was a character and the second one was an image that explained some history or sentiment, or that’s how I saw it. I started to investigate how these images were made and that’s when I discovered the technique was called double exposure and after that I spent a lot of time on learning it.”

Alberto Chicote


Madrid, Spain

“When I was 17, the Hotel School of Madrid was my first “stove”. During three years, I combined my studies with stages in some of the best restaurants in Madrid. In April ’95 I faced my first job as head chef of a small restaurant in Madrid where I started to interpret the Spanish cuisine and where I discovered that rules can be broken and can be rebuilt. So, in May ’98 I accepted the proposal to inaugurate a challenging project to mix Spanish with Japanese cuisine. This work made me a pioneer in fusion cuisine in Spain. Since the beginning of 2012 I put all my interest in “Pesadilla en la cocina con Chicote”, a television cooking program focused on rebuilding restaurants that are on the verge of closure. Apart from that, I work as gastronomic advisor and I take good care of my most desired project, my taverns “Yakitoro” the first one opened in 2014, together with the Chicote School, and the second one opened in 2016.”

Ana Santos


Salamanca, Spain

“Degree of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca (2003-2008). Later I studied Web Design and Advertising Creativity in Madrid. I currently work as a freelance illustrator in my own studio ‘La Habitación de Lhéa’. I have worked for small clients and large publishers like Editorial Planeta and Penguin Random House, with whom I made my first illustrated book with David Aceituno “Las palabras (no) se las lleva el viento” by Lumen (2016). For me drawing is a passion since I was very small. At the moment I dedicate myself to illustrating portraits, mainly feminine, with delicate strokes and combining different techniques, where watercolor and pencil predominate.”

Artem Makarov


Chernihiv, Ukraine

“I am a fantasist and art is my only love and passion. I try to find beauty and new meaning in everything around me. I attempt to bring my thoughts and imagination through illustrations and photos. My main goal is to inspire people to get creative! We have to make our life more beautiful and interesting, and I think Art is a great instrument for this.”

Dani Parra


Madrid, Spain

Dani brings us closer to the street, to the people, to their looks… His pictures have a slight air of Steampunk’s universe and shows us a different concept of the city, nevertheless his portraits make us look at ourselves. Known as the photographer of the homeless people in Madrid, he has been included in numerous exhibitions, noteworthy are the exhibitions for PhotoEspaña, Cultura Inquieta festival or an exhibition at Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.

Esmeralda Martin


Madrid, Spain

Esmeralda Martin was born in Valencia in 1974. She worked for 15 years as an international and national model, studied at ICP photography in NYC and since 2003 dedicates herself to photography and fashion film. She has worked different areas of photography; as reporter in Bangladesh, with Muhammad Yunus and Queen Sofia, at the United Nations, had several exhibitions in Ibiza, at the City of Arts and Sciences, at the High Culture Gallery in Maastricht and at Fernelmont Contemporary Art in Belgium, although her main field is fashion, in which she has been working since she was 19 years old. Her complete work can be seen on: “I think that a good photograph does not depend on the technique, but more on if it touches your heart or not.”   

Gisela Pulido


Tarifa, Spain

Gisela was born in Barcelona in January 1994. She spent the first years of her life in Maresme and went kiteboarding for the first time in the summer of 2001 and in July 2002 she started her life as a kiteboarder. Now she has been 10 times World Champion in kitesurfing. “Hello, my name is Gisela Pulido. My friends call me Gigi. My special talent is that I have a lot of confidence in myself. My life philosophy is to never give up, nothing is easy, nor impossible. The most important person in my life is my father. My favorite food is Spanish and Italian. My favorite music before going into the water is dubstep. “




Instagramers is an independant and worlwide network of Instagram fans funded in Madrid in January 2011 by Phil González @philgonzalez. Today our Instagramers network or #IGers is present in more than 80 countries and has more than 500 groups collaborating under the same name and the same philosophy, with daily meet ups, exhibitions and other cultural events. On Instagram there are more than 200 million photos tagged with the hashtag #igers.

Judith Pavón Sayrach


Barcelona, Spain


Graphic designer and photographer from Barcelona. “I am interested in everything related to artistic creation, from painting and sculpture to music and poetry, but above all creative photography. I am a lover of nature, traveling and the color blue and its many nuances. I always look for the essence of small things both in my travels as in my daily life, almost always in a minimalist style with solitary spaces and with a certain dreamy air. I would like to continue learning and be in direct contact with this world of photography that I love so much, while working on interesting projects that allow me to grow personally and professionally. “

Karen Cantú Q.


Monterrey, Mexico

She does not consider herself a photographer nor a designer, but a creative human. Her unrealistic ideas and dream universes that challenge everyday life, made it possible for her to work on many projects and have exhibitions around the world. “If my art can make you dream or has inspired you, it has fulfilled its purpose.”

Marina Masliukova


Kiev, Ukraine

“My name is Marina and I am 25 years old. I am graduated from medical Uni and I am a dentist by profession. Photography is my hobby and traveling inspires me. I love to take photos of nature, animals, birds, however I try myself in different types of photography. I can’t go out without my camera. I like to discover new places and cultures, meet new people, make new friends. It´s like a breath for me and each trip is like fresh air. I never stop learning. I always read. My favorite book is ” War and peace” and not a lot of people believe that but it’s true that I’m happy when I meet people that like this great book too. I first read it in 6 days when I was 9. I hope you will enjoy my pictures.”

Majid Saeedi


Tehran, Iran

Majid Saeedi is an Iranian documentary photographer. He has photographed Middle East with a focus on the humanitarian aspect for the past two decades. Majid also takes a special interest in telling the untold stories of social issues and social injustice through his photos. He started photography at the age of sixteen and when he turned eighteen, he went to Iran Iraq border to take photos of the refugees. 
Majid is currently collaborating with Getty Images, covering Afghanistan and Iran photo reportages. When Majid is not working, he likes to teach photography to students and mentor young photographers. Majid has won numerous prominent and prestigious photography awards from around the world. He has received the title of “The Best Photographer of Iran” eight times. His photos has been published in international presses such as Times, Spiegel, Life, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Time Magazine and various Middle Eastern publications.

Gabi Stickler


Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“My name is Gabi Stickler, I am 36 years old and live together with my husband, my Golden Retriever named Mali and a cat in Germany (Bavaria) near Frankfurt am Main. 3 years ago I started with photography. I love funny, colorful pictures with unusual perspectives and diverse ideas. My dog Mali and his friends Grisu and Savannah are my favorite models. They are always very happy when I take the camera out, because they connect with delicious rewards. My pictures are now worldwide known and there are already calendars, postcards and school articles with Mr. Golden Retriever MALI.”

Tiana Kai Mader


Florence, Italy (and beyond)

To look at these nonni is to look at our own fate. These nonni make us reflect on what is important in life and who is important to us. What will we do with our short time here, and who will we love so deeply during these days? This photography project started in Florence, Italy when Tiana Kai Madera (@tianapix) began taking photos of nonni during a sad time when her nonno was slowly slipping away. He passed away a few months after she began the project, so Tiana keeps his memory alive by hunting down all the nonni in Italy and on her travels. She currently lives in the United States, and has been featured by Instagram and other international publications and websites. Nothing makes her happier than to read the sweet comments of the many @notmynonni fans; it’s a true labor of love.

Jonatan Rius Torné


Tortosa, Tarragona

Freelance photographer, very successful on Instagram. He has been collaborating with many marketing campaigns for international companies like Sony, Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Alfa Romeo and many more… He has participated several times as influencer for tourist agencies to promote different destinations. The prestigious premium lens brand, Carl ZEISS has named him Brand Ambassador on Instagram for Spain.

Juan Sandoval


Tinaco, Venezuela

“I am a boy who loves photography and it has been a therapy for me for the last two years. I was going through a very sad moment and photography was a beautiful hobby that made me very happy and gave me the freedom to express everything I felt inside me. Photography, for me, is more than just photos and to look good in front of the camera, it is to express everything that is kept in the heart and to keep beautiful moments in one place. This is photography for me: The most beautiful way to express everything you want with yourself and with other people.”

Koi Samsa


Madrid, Spain 
Koi Samsa is the pseudonym of a designer and apprentice of calligraphy. Her professional activity in daily life is as a digital strategist and talent manager in the field of Youtube and Social Networks. Her Instagram has been dedicated for a year now, to lettering and calligraphy. In it, words, written or drawn, create a graphic universe of its own that jumps from paper to screen, from ink to watercolor and from pixel to photogram, all combined with interesting and funny Instagram Stories.

Renzo Grande


New York, USA

Renzo Grande is a photographer who turns his passion and sensitivity in documenting everyday street stories. Originally from Lima – Peru and currently based in New York City, he began his visual documentation in 2010. Introverted and with very few words, Renzo uses photography as a form of personal therapy. He is also the founder of the “24 Hour Project”, a worldwide documentary project which brings together participants from different cities around the world in order to share the most human aspect of their own cities by sharing a photo every hour for 24 hours on Instagram.

Tekla Evelina Severin


Stockholm, Sweden

Born 1981 in Gävle, Sweden. Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Interior architect working in the multidisciplinary field of set design, interior and photography. Colour, angle, pattern-lover. “It´s never about the object itself for me; but always about if it’s an interesting angle (or not).”

Thiago Cavalcanti


Ipojuca, Brasil

“The most fun thing is that my office is a big and beautiful reef barrier, and I see beautiful nature every day. I was a big challenge to start to work with underwater photography. I’m a underwater photographer since 2009, and I learned all the techniques 8 years ago by myself and that was not easy. But I’m so happy I got into this, because working and seeing nature like every day was the best choice in my life. The beach where I usually take my pictures is Porto de Galinhas.

Umit Savas


Istanbul, Turkey

An instagramer who is madly in love with the city she lives in. Photography became her biggest passion after she purchased her first iPhone and downloaded Instagram five years ago. She loves to take travel, food, art and still life photos. Attended many international #emptymuseum projects, portrait project #geographyofyouth and #24hourproject. Selected as “local lens” of Istanbul by Instagram and some of her photos are published on magazines like Vogue & GQ.

Valerié Derome-Massé


Quebec, Canada

Valérie Derome-Massé is a 26 year old visual storyteller, photographer and mountain lover. Her focus lies primarily with landscape, wildlife and lifestyle photography. While her goal is to seek the uniqueness in things, Valérie creates unexpected images using scenic elements of nature.



Cant wait to see you at the Gallery!